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Local Threats To Our Liberties

September 8, 2010

I am a student as I am always learning. I have, over the past month or so, learned about Sustainable development. I know that the United Nations came up with an agenda years ago to take away property from people all over the world, contol the consumption of ALL resources that are used (including food and human resources), and for the eventual human depopulation around the globe. I was very unhappy to discover that our own past presidents Clinton and Bush supported these measures and signed “soft treaties” to enact this agenda in our country. It’s called United Nations Agenda 21. It is a direct assault on our individual liberties. This author does not, nor ever will consider herself as part of the collective. I am an individual and will remain to do so, up until my death.
In researching this Agenda 21, I have learned that my own governor has sold us out at the local level for high speed rail. That’s right, we are pouring millions of state dollars into an already failing federal program, also known as Amtrak. This is going to force people from their homes and displace businesses that are practically brand new. The kicker is that the county is still allowing people to buy property and to develop this property which in a couple of years will be taken away from them via Eminent domain.
I have even more recently that my own county’s Board of Supervisors had appointed and formed a committee, the Sustain our Communities Committee. I further researched it. It looks innocent for a bit, that they want to build up and refresh the older communities to prevent “slums”, but looking deeper into their documentation, they share the wording with UN Agenda 21. Our Liberties ARE at risk, even at the local level. If using eminent domain doesn’t get you out of your property, they will use condemnation!!! Be very choosey when electing your representative on the board. Research him/her very carefully. Follow the money trail. Call him/her out on Sustainable development. Protect your rights!!

Call me Crazy….

June 3, 2010

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me a conspiracy theorist.
I’m just connecting some dots here… Either something is really fishy, or the White House has some serious “luck”

3/27/2010- Barrack Obama OKs offshore drilling
week of 4/1/2010- Goldman Sachs sells BP stock (just a reminder, that Tim Geitner is a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs)
4/22/2010- BP oil rig explosion

Am I the only one to connect these dots? I hope not!

Just Skimming The Surface of the Eugenics Movement

May 25, 2010

I watched a documentary called ‘Nazi Medicine’ over the weekend. Basically, it was a brief history of the eugenics movement of the early 1900’s.  If none of you have ever heard the word eugenics before, it is defined in the dictionary as “the study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding”….

America was guilty of sterilizing “undesirables” from 1907 until 1960. This movement was supported by Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and  Calvin Coolidge. As a matter of fact, Wilson signed into law an act calling for sterilization. Virginia was one of many states to adopt legislation that forced sterilization on the mentally ill and mentally retarted, known as the ‘Racial Integrity Act of 1924’.

Not that what we were doing wasn’t bad enough- the Nazi program took off with it.

Many of our elites still believe that eugenics is the way:

John Holdren (Science Advisor/Czar to President Obama): “enforce world population limits”

Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood): “The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind.”

David Rockefeller (head of the Rockefeller Foundation): given money to research eugenics

Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State to Presidents Nixon and Ford): “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S.  foreign policy towards the Third World.”

I probably could continue if I keep researching, but for now I will stop.

Personally, after digging just skin deep, I am beginning to believe that we are on the verge of another eugenics movement. Just by combining “Planned Parenthood” and the Human Genome Project, I feel as though I am staring down a tunnel to the new ‘superhuman’ that will be genetically superior to us ‘naturals’. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, and if  it were to truly happen, I am scared as hell….. You should be too.

My Theory Why Jim Webb Dodges Grass Roots Group

May 19, 2010

I can’t help but notice that Jim Webb is dodging grassroots conservative groups. I have noticed this first hand with a group called the Chester Patriots. I have a very interesting theory coming from the money trail of Jim Webb. This is a list of his top 5 contributors:

  1. Actblue: $487,375
  2. Keeping Americas Promise: $74,037
  3. University of Virginia: $30,075
  4. Time Warner: $28,600
  5. SAIC Inc.


I felt that Actblue was best to let everyone know about first. I went to their website, and paid them a visit. If you have never heard of them before, or if you haven’t read my blog on Mark Warner’s biggest donors, this is a PAC geared at turning all the red states to blue states. In other words, they only fund democrats.

I couldn’t resist but look at who funds them. I haven’t checked into them all, at least not yet, and if any readers are interested in hearing in more depth, I will be happy to blog away. One however stood out of the crowd, which is the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC). The PCCC, according to ActBlue, has raised $193,967.67 just in the first quarter of 2010. I decided to keep digging. I went to the PCCC website,, and the first thing I saw was their mission, “The Progressive Change Campaign Committee works to elect bold progressive candidates to federal office and to” help those candidates and their campaigns save money, work smarter, and win more often.” I felt that it was best to stop there on this part of the money train, because, to me, enough had been said, and I moved on to his second contributor, Keeping Americas Promise.

Keeping Americas Promise is another PAC. I went to this committee’s website,, and found that they were a non-partisan group with lots of information about money, elections, and public policy. I think I will like to search them further, but from their site, I saw nothing that would have an obvious link to why Webb wouldn’t meet with the Chester Patriots.

Then, I hit University of Virginia. I went to the UVA website, and quickly found myself navigating to the Center for Politics. I found that they have launched a new program, called Global Perspectives in Democracy, which, according to the site, is supposed “to promote strategic and policy dialogue between government practitioners and marginalized populations”.

So, Now I’m up to Time Warner. I know who they are and what they do, but I went to their web site. I found a link to “public policy”, which states that they support tax and trade, and that “We are active proponents of free and fair trade and support the negotiation of market opening agreements at the bilateral, regional, and global level.” I got nauseated, and left this site, and moved on to SAIC.

I have never heard of SAIC, so I had no idea what to expect, and ventured to their site with both an open mind and skepticism. Long story short, SAIC is a group of companies in the ‘tech’ business. I checked out their ‘feature stories’ link, to see that it was divided into groups, National Security, Energy, Environment, Critical Infrastructure, and Health. I can offer more, but I think that this reading audience is very intelligent and can connect the dots without my help.

So, not that my big ADD moment has passed, I can state that I feel that Jim Webb will continue to dodge the Chester Patriots because:

He doesn’t want the confrontation. He has heard that other groups are directly confronting their Senators and Representatives and exposing them as progressives  and knows that the Chester Patriots will likely do the same, he might figure that someone will connect the dots to his money trail, and because he knows his days are officially numbered in office.

Note to the Chester Patriots: Keep your heads up, your noses clean; be prepared for what’s to come. Buckle up, it sounds like this is going to be a rough ride, but in the end, you will prevail.

I’m Not a Political Commentator, Just a Mom!

May 17, 2010

I get the local Sunday paper almost every week. I don’t do it for the articles, unless it’s something major I see on the front page, but  because I usually hear enough about the federal government during the week. I usually get it for the coupons and sales papers, and being a mother of four, it’s a small break to look at what I can’t have or don’t need.

This week, though, I couldn’t help but notice the Parade magazine that comes in the middle of my paper with my sales papers and coupons. “Why” you ask? It has a big picture of the POTUS in a commencement gown giving a big ‘thumbs up’. My curiosity got the best of me, so I opened it up and read the article. This is something I almost NEVER do, and I had no idea that reading it would make me feel ill. It read:

” Congratulations.  Since I couldn’t be at every high school and college commencement this year, I wanted to send a message to all of the graduates in this country who are about to embark on the next chapter of your young and promising lives. 

There are generations of Americans who came of age during periods of peace and prosperity. When they graduated from high school or college, they entered a world of comfort and stability where little was required of them beyond their obligations to themselves and their families.

Get Inspired! 
Check out these 25 unforgettable graduation speeches 
Randy Pausch
Carnegie Mellon, 2008
(video)Ellen DeGeneres
Tulane, 2009 
(video)Coach Woody Hayes
Oklahoma State, 1986
(video)John Legend
Univ. of Pennsylvania, 2009 

Will Ferrell
Harvard, 2003 

Stephen Colbert
Knox College, 2006 

Steve Jobs
Stanford, 2005 

Conan O’Brien
Harvard, 2000 

John F. Kennedy
American Univ., 1963

Russell Baker
Connecticut College, 1995

Kermit the Frog
Southampton College, 1996

Brian Williams
Tulane, 2007

Muhammad Yunus
M.I.T., 2008

Joseph Biden
Wake Forest, 2009

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Brandeis, 2000

Ursula K. Le Guin
Mills College, 1983

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
Lake Forest College, 1977

Paul Hawken
Univ. of Portland, 2009

Bradley Whitford
Univ. of Wisconsin, 2004

Richard Russo
Colby College, 2004

Meryl Streep
Vassar College, 1983

Oprah Winfrey
Wellesley College, 1997

Jerry Zucker
Univ. of Wisconsin, 2003

Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)
Middlebury College, 2001

J.K. Rowling
Harvard, 2008

Jon Bon Jovi
Monmouth Univ., 2001

Billie Jean King
Univ. of Massachusetts, 2000

That is not the world you are about to inherit. You are growing up in a time of great challenge and sweeping change. You will search for jobs in an economy that is still emerging from one of the worst recessions in history. You will seek a profession in an era where a high school diploma and a factory job are no longer sure paths to success. And you will raise your children in a world where threats like terrorism and a changing climate cannot be contained within a country’s borders. 

At times like these, when the future seems unsettled and uncertain, it can be easy to lose heart. When you turn on the television or read newspapers or blogs, the voices of cynicism and pessimism always seem to be the loudest.  

Don’t believe them. 

Yes, we are facing difficult times. But America has been through them before. In the 1930s, young men and women saw one-third of the nation ill-clothed, ill-housed, ill-fed, and later witnessed tyranny sweep across  Europe and the Pacific. In the 1960s, millions of students participated in peaceful protests—against those who sought to keep them divided by race, against a war they believed unjust—and were met with billy clubs and fire hoses. 

School Days

So many times in so many eras, Americans your age could have decided to just go about their own business, fend for themselves, and leave our country’s problems for somebody else to solve. 

But they didn’t. 

You are graduating today in part because those who came before you had the courage to look past their differences, face down their common difficulties, and perfect their union. It was young soldiers who pushed forward at Lexington and at Gettysburg, at Normandy and at Kandahar. It was graduates like you who looked across a continent and built the railroads, highways, schools, and universities that have fueled the most prosperous economy in the world. It was a 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence; a 33-year-old Elizabeth Cady Stanton who organized the Seneca Falls Convention, the first national women’s rights convention; a 26-year-old Martin Luther King Jr. who began his journey to the mountaintop; and a 20-year-old Bill Gates who started one of the most transformative companies on Earth. 

All of these Americans faced long odds. All of them faced doubt. Many grew up in times of discord and difficulty. Yet they knew that while America’s destiny is never certain, our ability to shape it always is. Ours is a history of renewal and reinvention, where each generation finds a way to adapt, thrive, and push the nation forward with energy, ingenuity, and optimism.

That is your charge as graduates—our future is in your hands. The United States is still a land of infinite possibilities waiting to be seized, if you are willing to seize them. 

While government plays a role in making a more prosperous and secure future possible for America, the final outcome ultimately depends on you and the choices you make from here on out.

Of course, each of you has the right to take your diploma and seek the quickest path to the biggest paycheck or the highest title possible. But remember: You can choose to broaden your concerns to include your fellow citizens and country instead. By tying your ambitions to America’s, you’ll hitch your wagon to a cause larger than yourself. You can choose a career in public service or the nonprofit sector, or teach in an underserved school. If you have medical training, you can work in an understaffed clinic. Love science? You can discover new sources of clean energy or launch a business that makes the most efficient and affordable solar panels or wind turbines. 

Or you may decide to make your mark in ways that may be smaller but are just as important—v olunteering at a local shelter, tutoring or mentoring schoolkids, staying involved in the local and national debates that shape our lives and the life of our country, or raising your own children to be generous and productive Americans. 

No matter what you choose to do, know that you have the ability—each one of you—to write the next chapter in America’s story. Starting your careers in troubled times is a challenge, but it’s also a privilege. When I left for Chicago after college to be a community organizer, I, like many of you, had no idea what the future would hold for me. What I did know was that somehow, in some way, I wanted to make an impact on the world around me.

It’s times like the one you’re facing today that force us to try harder and dig deeper. Times like these move us to find the greatness we each have inside and, in doing so, rediscover the greatness that defines us as a nation. These are the tasks lying before you, and I have no doubt all of you are up to the challenge.  ”

Now, I’m no analyst, but the third paragraph just down right bothers me. Knowing what I know of the President and his agenda, I know that he is out to “transform” our nation into something that would make even the Founders uneasy. His statement,”That is not the world you are about to inherit. You are growing up in a time of great challenge and sweeping change ” just reinforces, to me, what his true principles are. To me, he also seems to promote globalism by saying, “And you will raise your children in a world where threats like terrorism and a changing climate cannot be contained within a country’s borders.”

He continues to go on and mentions newspapers, blogs, etc., and to not believe those voices of “cynicism“. Sorry, but I am one of them. I’m only writing anything for people to read so that they can see some truth, and to maybe give a “mothers” spin on the subject. We all have free will (for now) and you can decide whether to take what I give you or leave it.

I feel that the only good comment that I can give his ‘message’ is that one should use what they have to try and do some good/service and improve the country/world. And yes, he’s right about one other thing… our generosity is what makes us stand out as Americans.

Covington & Burling

May 17, 2010

Covington & Burling is the #3 donor of funds to Mark Warner. This is a law firm.

On their website, they state that they represent Freddy Mac and its board of directors, Wilmington Trust Company, Lehman Brothers, Trustmark Corporation, and representing a public pension plan in its participation as a borrower under the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

This is only a minor piece of their representation. They also give tax advice,  are policy advisors on Clean Energy, and have people who work within the White House.  This firm also works within Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Connecting the dots between their money, Mark Warner, and the White House, to me, is very chilling.

If you ever want to check them out, go to I also wonder who else in Congress and in the Senate gets their money…… I will check into it and follow through.

Mark Warner’s money madness

May 16, 2010

I have been doing a little bit of research lately, since Mark Warner is one of my representatives in the Senate. I mainly have been curious as to whether or not I would be able to predict a voting pattern for my representatives. He is the most recent elected offical for me, so I decided to give him a whirl.
I found that his number one contributor was a group called ActBlue. After going to their website, I cant say that I’m surprised that they are a PAC that, in their words “allows individuals and groups to channel their progressive dollars to candidates and movements of their choosing.” That’s right, folks… progressive, not a non-partisan group. As a matter of fact, Mark Warner has over $1 million from ActBlue.
So, my first, and most general prediction is that he will continue to vote along party lines, and especially vote with the progressive Agenda in mind.

In my quest to further check up on Mr. Warner, I came across a website, That’s my Congress. This site grades how well liked your reps./congressmen rate with progressives and conservatives. With progressives, he has a 52% approval rating, as compared with 6% of conservatives. Hmm. Gee, I wonder why.
I am actively looking to see what bills are up for vote and who introduces them. I am going to keep watching Mark Warner, and I will also dive into Jim Webb’s activities as well. I will keep you as informed as I can be, because our elected officials seem to think they can get away with anything and not have any consequence to go with those actions.
I decided to wake up, pay attention, and hold my officials accountable. Will you?


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